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Different Types of Careers in Therapy

If you are considering a career in Speech Language Pathology Job, then you might want to think about what sort of specialist it is that you would like to get into. Some therapists work specifically in pediatrics, others that work with families, some that specialize in trauma or PTSD, and some that work with employers – especially those that are in high-pressure industries.

Getting into a therapy position can be a challenge depending on whether you want to work privately, in hospitals, or for the local authority. Some specialists require significantly more training than others, and some might need you to do some shadowing too.

Therapy is usually used to refer to psychological help, but there is “occupational therapy” of the kind that focuses on physical movements and difficulties perhaps associated with injuries or repetitive strain. While they are all under the umbrella of “therapy,” someone who is interested in the counseling side of things would pursue a different career path.

Family therapy can be a stressful job because the families that are referred to such services are going through very hard times. And often you will have limited contact with them – so just when you are starting to feel like you are making a difference, they might move on to a different authority or a different service. Working with young adults can be challenging as well because of the issues that they are facing as individuals. That said, therapists are people who do have a chance to make a difference with their work, and if you are willing to invest in the people that you are working with, then you can change lives. You will need to try not to get emotionally attached, though, because you cannot save every person you work with.

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