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3 Important Secrets Of Learning The Art Of Magic

Celebrity magicians such as David Copperfield, David Blaine, Derren Brown, Criss Angel, Dynamo the magician and many others now perform magic on television. This has resulted in an increasing number of people being interested in learning the art of magic. But let’s be honest, we want to perform magic so we can pretend to be superheroes. I was very inspired by this video:

So I decided I wanted to research more on the art of magic. The first thing is understanding that magic is just like any other skill and you need to be interested in learning how to do it the right way. Once you make this choice you need to learn about the following 3 secrets to learning the art of magic.
1. Learning From A Professional Magician
All great magicians usually have a magic mentor that has trained them on the secrets of the art of magic as well as the traps to avoid. You can find a magic mentor using two main methods. You can go see a professional magician performing live and request the person to train you on the art of magic. Alternatively, you can find a magical arts academy online to teach you about the art of magic. However, ensure that you first watch an uncut video of the instructor performing in front of a live audience before committing.
2. Magic Is A 3-Sided Triangle
– Psychology/Technique
– Presentation
While everyone loves to focus on the ‘tricks’ other sides of the triangle are important too. Some of the greatest magicians in the world usually perform no more than 10 tricks but have totally mastered them. All it takes is a few really good illusions to blow the minds of your audience. Always remember to master all sides of the triangle to be effective.


Like this “illusion”…..

3. The Best magic Tricks Are Not Readily Available For All
Even with the growth of the Internet, it is highly unlikely that the real secrets of magic will be revealed. They will probably remain hidden for a very long time.

Magicians are making appearances everywhere, in comic books, via trade show presenter, on the street, and at kids birthday parties. So I may know how to do a card trick or two, but my goal is to be like Constantine. But I’m more like this right now:


Which magical superhero are you interested in becoming?

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“MCU” Movies

Although we are personally more DC fans, we have to admit, the MCU gets it right. With characters developing over a period of movies, we actually begin to sympathize, empathize, grow to love and hate. Unlike DC where it’s an “older Batman.” I’m sorry HOW ARE WE SUPPOSE TO CARE? Anyway – here’s ranking of some of the worst to best Marvel Movies. Do you agree with this list?

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