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Google Ranking Factors Explained

Is it possible to have Google ranking factors explained to you clearly? You might wonder this when you deal with SEO for Small Businesses experts and professionals you trust to get your website to rank well in the search engine. It is clear that you need high rankings for particular keywords to draw traffic to your site, and hopefully, your website converts that traffic into something you want, be it email subscribers, shoppers, or just signatures on a petition. However, you might find yourself frustrated with never getting a clear indication what factors determine Google rankings.

There’s a reason for that. It’s because no one knows. Google’s algorithm is a tightly held secret, and while there’s a whole section of the SEO industry dedicated to unlocking its mysteries, Google is always one step ahead of them and making tweaks to the algorithm regularly. Many tweaks are never even announced.

Some of these tweaks or updates are somewhat important affairs and get noticed throughout the industry immediately, whereas others are smaller matters that might even happen daily.

You’ll never know every single Google ranking factor that exists, although there are presumably over a hundred of them. What you should do is focus on the ‘macro’ factors that are known and have been recognized for some time. Make sure your site is indexed and has a sitemap page or other form of internal architecture that makes sure Google bots, spiders, and crawlers can find every single page your website has.

Keep your content unique, useful, and updated, and have someone consistently generating backlinks that point to your site. Quality is more important than quantity here these days, as page rank, reputation, and relevance of the backlinking site all matter.

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